Driveway Pressure Washing

Most of us probably sweep off our driveways on a regular basis, and once in a while we might use a garden hose to get it really “clean.” Of course, sweeping and hosing off the pavement doesn’t remove the hard-to-clean stains like oil or other vehicle fluids. If you’re okay with leaving those stains on your driveway, think again! Fluids like motor oil and gas don’t just look bad – they can actually damage the surface of your driveway if they’re not removed promptly. That’s why our driveway pressure washing services are so important in maintaining your driveway investment.

Our A&M clean professionals can remove virtually any stain from your paved surface, including: oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, tire marks, paint, and hard water stains. And all that is in addition to the stains that are easier to remove, like dirt, mold and mildew, to name a few. Keep in mind that the sooner you call us for hard-to-remove stains, the easier it will be to remove them completely. So schedule your driveway pressure washing as soon as possible after you see stains appear.

For more information about our driveway pressure washing services, and to find out more about other services we provide, contact A&M pressure washing today. We’re happy to provide free estimates!