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Wood Fence & Deck Pressure Washing & Cleaning

Cleaning wood fences or decks can be a delicate task. It’s not as simple as cranking up the pressure washing on high and blasting off all the layers of debris and stains. Many homeowners who try this at home realize after they’re done that they’ve caused permanent damage to the surface of the wood. Seeing this can be heartbreaking knowing what you spent on building it.

Professional Knowledge and Technique for Power Washing Wood

Our pressure washing technicians don’t use equipment you would find at your local big box store. Instead, we use commercial grade equipment that allows us to modify the pressure used based on the type of wood that we’re cleaning. Additionally, certain types of fences and decks turn out much better using a soft wash technique with a special biodegradable solution that cleans and kills the microorganisms that are the source of the discoloration.

Serving Katy, Cypress, Tomball, & Greater Northwest Houston

You can rest easy hiring A&M pressure washing to clean your fence or patio deck. We have experience with the most common fencing and decks in the area.

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