House & Siding Washing / Cleaning Company in Cypress Texas

Our customers in Northwest Houston & Cypress are amazed at how a simple house washing can make the exterior of your home “come alive again” and make it look like a newhouse. It’s inevitable that as time goes by, the siding of your home will start to accumulate dirt, dust, mold,mildew, algae and other debris. The sides of your house that are shielded from the sun and shady will accumulate the bulk of this unsightly debris. But this accumulation over time is more than just an eye-sore, the mold, mildew, and algae can actually damage and break down the siding and surfaces of your home.

Maintain Your Exterior with Periodic House Washing

Our professional house washing services are a great way to maintain the look and integrity of the exterior of your home. We use a special biodegradable solution along with appropriate moderate to low-pressure from our power washing equipment to remove the debris film in a safe and effective manner. Not only does it look great right after the wash, it stays looking great longer because our biodegradable solution kills the mold, mildew, and algae.

Soft Washing – The Right Solution for Your Home

In most cases the safest and most effective solution for cleaning the exterior of your home is a process called “Soft Washing”. Soft washing is a lower pressure technique (less than 1000 PSI) that includes a solution to help break down the dirt, mold, algae, & mildew that accumulates over time. We use a biodegradable solution that emulsifies the dirt & debris along with killing any organisms that stain the home’s surfaces. To get the best results we also use a adhesion additive to apply an appropriate “dwelltime” to give the solution time to work.

Brick, Siding, Vinyl, Stucco Pressure Washing

Different surfaces require different washing techniques. For example, any kind of siding that is painted needs to be cleaned using much lower pressure than a brick wall. Using high pressure on siding can teardown the paint or even compromise the integrity of the siding. Typical Cypress homes, especially those built in the last 10 years are a unique mix of different construction, using brick, hardy-plank, stucco, Austin stone and others. Our pressure washing technicians are trained to handle any type of house siding your home may have, so you rest assured that your home will be properly handled but also look great after we’re done.